About us

Elletipi, a name, a company design, a guarantee
Elletipi started trading in 1954, dedicating its business activities to plastic moulding. The company has always reacted to market changes and new aesthetic trends, and over the years it decided to specialise in the production of components for kitchen cabinets.
Elletipi, a leader in its field, distinguishes itself by the constant search for original technical solutions with innovative design, through the activities of the internal product development department. Some of the products in this catalogue were developed with the architect Giuseppe Mincolelli of “Lineaguida”.

We pay a lot of attention
They may look like simple objects, but we dedicate extreme attention to their design to make a difference and make their use in the kitchen pleasant and functional.
Since we know that every kitchen has its own style, we offer solutions and finishes ranging from classic models to modern design.

We are reliable
The kitchen is the most lived-in room in the house, where people gather with family and friends. This is why even a simple accessory like a dustbin, a cutlery tray, or a dish drainer, says something about us, about our attitude towards the environment that surrounds us. Elletipi is always attentive to the needs of its customers. More than 50 years’ experience, continuous investments in technology, staff training, and research and development; these are our strengths.